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See your oils test results.

Watch your oils permeate live cells. Know that you are using the highest quality oils.

​That's the Améo Difference.


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​Each and every bottle of Améo Essential Oils will come with a batch code.  You can enter this code online and see where  the purification test results for your bottle and watch that specific oil permeate live human cells.

Instead of asking you to trust that our purification standards are providing you with the best oils, we're simply showing you.  See your oils purification test results.  Watch your oils permeate and affect the cells.  Know that you are using the highest quality, purity and potency oils on yourself and your family. 

The Améo Difference

The FDA has not verified any of the statements on this site.  This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any diseases.  All essential oil usage recommendations are based on individual's experiences.



Why are Améo Oils claiming to be the purest oils on the market?  

Because they are the purest oils on the market.

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This video explains the Certi-5 process for ensuring the quality, purity and potency of each bottle of Améo Essential Oils.



See a list of Améo Essential oils, blends, capsules, and recommended uses.



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